~T~ Serie

~ T ~ Series

The T-bows are our most universal bows, offering a sound that is both warm and brilliant. Their elasticity is perfectly matched with the latest "medium" strings, thus bouncing with greatest ease and precision. The combination of an especially light stick with a heavier tip and frog give them great stability and agility. They suit most violins and guide the way to finding the ideal setup and strings due to their impeccable overtone range and ideal tuning.

~S~ Serie

~ S ~ Series

The S-series bows are without any doubt the fastest playing violin bows that ever "walked" our beautiful planet. Their low weight and particular mass distribution offer plenty stability and agility together with incredible strength and rapid bouncing. Their brilliant sound perfectly matches all darker sounding instruments, especially precious old instruments can develop a miraculously lively sound with them.

~P~ Serie

~ P ~ Series

We have developed the P-series bows to match all more heavily built violins, like typical Guarneri models and many modern violins that usually come with a somewhat brighter tone. If your violin works best with heavy or dark sounding strings these are probably the best bows for you. The sound of the P-bows is especially warm and rich, their stick more resilient than all other Arcus violin bows. They are still much lighter than wooden bows, offering uncompromised virtuosity and comfort.

~M~ Serie

~ M ~ Series

The M-bows offer a particularly warm and full sound, which is a great match to all somewhat bright sounding instruments. As their sticks are a little more flexible than our other violin bows, they work best on not too heavy and robustly built instruments. They are much loved by players who prefer a lighter bow hold.


Special Models

We never cease working on research and development and every now and then we not only find ways to improve our regular line of bows, but find alternate solutions that are, if maybe not right for a majority of players and instruments, still worthwhile to follow up. Thus we have defined and produced some special series of bows in small numbers that can sometimes outshine all our standard models.

Earlier Series

We delivered the first ARCUS bows in 1999. Starting with these very first models, we show you here the series that have since been discontinued.