Martin Andersen


I’m writing to express my appreciation for the Arcus Cadenza (Gold) Viola Bow which I purchased recently. After trying the same model about four years ago and not really finding it to my liking, I was very surprised at how wonderful this bow works and feels. I simply cannot put it down and have temporarily abandoned my wood bows, including a fine Sartory and a bow by a highly respected living maker.

The Arcus has helped me to be able to play my 18th century viola with so much more ease and with much less effort in the right arm, ensuring a much more relaxed approach to technique. One characteristic of the Cadenza which I find quite singular is the bow’s “recovery” or “damping” ability - meaning that after the bow has “flexed” (for example producing a spiccato note) it “recovers” to a neutral “at rest” state immediately, without quiver, being instantly available for the next note. In a wood bow this is usually only achieved by making the bow very stiff (“strong”) - and such a bow usually lacks the flexibility to produce a good sound. I have always thought that a great bow must exhibit the dual qualities of strength and flexibility; the Arcus bow seems to have come very close to that ideal. Further, these qualities are achieved in a very light bow, making all motions easier to execute.

You obviously are continuing to develop the potential of the Arcus bows, and I am grateful for your successful efforts.