Marta Kletinitch


When I first heard of the Arcus bows, I was rather skeptical. I had played other carbon bows before and found them quite disappointing. In addition I used to prefer heavier bows, where the Arcus are extremely light. Out of curiosity I tried the bows nevertheless and after only 10-15 minutes I knew I would have to own one. It turned out that the bow I liked best was a Sinfonia, interestingly the lightest one of the entire selection!

With the new bow my violin sounds much fuller and richer in the overtones, each tone in my play comes out much clearer and focused than ever before, with the greatest improvement in the upper registers and in chords. My playing has become much easier and very relax because of the bow's steadiness on the strings. Triple chords can be played so nicely and the bow also helps greatly in avoiding unintentional "bow-vibrato" in pianissimo passages during performances. It took me a while to figure out the off-string bowings, but now I can vary them much more than before.

I want to thank you for every single minute I am playing the Arcus bow for the endless pleasure it brings to me.