Andy Pastor

All these 8 level Arcus bows are fantastic. Much lighter than what I am used to, but in such a short trail period, I’m already able to play quicker and bounce the bow better. Very happy. What is interesting, the first 2 days of trial I felt the S8 would be the bow. After a full week, the T8 is more comfortable and easier to play. I may not be a good enough player to handle the S8 at this time
I appreciate your time and especially appreciate your fearless innovation in an industry that is stuck in tradition. I will certainly use my Arcus bow as my primary tool when playing out. This past summer our group played a lot of outdoor events and I felt bad for my wood bow, it had to continually be tightened due to the humidity. I’m happy to have found a carbon fiber bow that is better (handling and sound ) than my wood bow.
I can see why the T series has become so popular, very well balanced at both ends, making it easy to play, and still agile.
Keep up the great work, hope to meet you someday. 

...I’m enjoying the T8 everyday, I seem to be getting less sleep these days, playing the violin with your bow too late into the evening, loosing track of time enjoying the experience!