Ruth Zeger


I am writing to let you know how thrilled I have been with my Arcus Cadenza violin bow. I purchased it many years ago to help with beginning signs of arthritis in my right hand pinky finger. Though recently retired after 50+ years of professional Symphony playing with several orchestras in Los Angeles, with the Kansas City Philharmonic, and with the Houston Symphony, I feel my lightweight Arcus bow allowed me to play totally pain free and extended my symphony career by many years.

I love the light as a feather feel of being able to suspend the bow above the strings no matter how long a conductor holds the pose after the piece is finished. I love the ease of spiccato and the perfect balance of sound from frog to tip in legato playing. I have never missed my old heavy wooden bow and I truly believe that violinists have to work their muscles harder to take weight off during a pianissimo passage then use more force to play fortissimo. My Arcus bow makes playing the violin effortless. On a side note, I broke my right hand pinky finger on a symphony tour to Russia and was able to play two rehearsals and two performances thanks to my Arcus bow. Thanks Bernd Musing and Arcus!