Igor Epstein


Since 5 years I am the happy owner of three remarkable bows, P4, S4 and S6.

The S6 I use regularly to play my acoustic violin, made especially for me in 2012 by the violin maker Michail Oratowski from Bonn. The P4 and S4 I play on my ZETA 4- and 5-string E-violins. Since that time, when I got to know and tried the ARCUS bows (thanks to Mr. Bernd Müsing I could find my first 2 out of 16 pieces) and bought these remarkable bows, I stopped using my French and German masters bows. The amazing "bouncing" and minimal weight of the bows allow me to use the most complicated bow techniques with minimal physical effort. Since I mainly play jazz and klezmer music and these types of music require very unusual bow techniques, I find the ARCUS bows to be the best I have ever used in my long stage and musician life.

Thank you for the wonderful and very useful product for all strings in the world!