Günter Birett


I own several fine violin bows, among them a -Voirin a Pairs-, a wonderful bow that I like to play very much. But for some time I own an Arcus Concerto bow and am more than happy with it.

For the orchestra, as well as for chamber music I would not want to miss that bow any more. The feel of the bow and the sound it pulls are truly magnificent, the handling, especially its agility, leaves nothing to be desired, after only a short period of getting used to it. Its lower weight compared to usual wooden bows improves my endurance and reduces fatigue significantly, especially during long rehearsals and recording sessions.

The full sound, with its rich spectrum of overtones and its ideal projection, that this bow pulls out of my old Italian violin, is something I enjoy every day anew. I strongly recommend every string player to try these wonderful bows without reservations.