Dr. Michael B.


I am really happy with my new P6 bow. My Kantuscher violin, made in 2004, has a completely new sound compared to my old wooden bow, and allows a much wieder modulation of the dynamics andits tone. Playing is ten times the fun it has been before and the pain in my right shoulder is almost completely gone!

Why did I only have to play all these decades with my old wooden bow? It's a Chalupetzky, a very good bow I had thought up to now. Originally I meant to go to Markneukirchen, where so many bowmaker have their workshops, for a holiday, and to try lots of bows bows - how lucky of me not to have done that.

I had never assumed that the difference in sound can be so gigantic.

Thank you very much for developing such marvelous bows and for helping me to find the right one.